Our Mission

Thoughtfully Produced creates sustainable livelihoods by expanding the production of locally and responsibly made foods, and nurturing collaborative connections within our community.

Our Vision

We serve as a catalyst for a systemic shift in local food, founded on the principles of abundance, equity, and sustainable practices. Through the creation and support of a values-based entrepreneurial system, we foster opportunity and access to thoughtfully-produced food.

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Bringing the values in your heart to your plate.

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Donations & Events

We are a registered New Mexico non-profit, but do not yet have our 501 (c)3 status from the IRS. This means that donations to Thoughtfully Produced are not currently tax deductible. If you would like to make make a tax deductible donation though our fiscal sponsor, please contact Celerah Hewes: celerah@thoughtfullyproduced.org


Measure What Matters

The Measure What Matters survey is a free, online tool to help you compare your business’s impact on New Mexico’s workers, communities, and the environment against 8,000+ businesses and receive free resources to improve.

  • It’s free and confidential
  • Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • Any employee in the company can participate



Our services are designed to help business owners and organizations identify appropriate local resources for production, sourcing, marketing and distribution. We can help in a variety of areas from strategic planning and growth to day-to-day logistics of invoicing, ordering, and much more. We specialize in the development of local sourcing and sustainability planning at any scale-from a single person businesses looking to find local ingredients to a large organization wanting to explore a local procurement program.

Relationship Building

We will help you connect to a larger local food system.

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Local Sourcing

We will identify local and sustainable sources of raw ingredients for your business or organization.

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Sustainability Planning

We will evaluate your business’ practices and marketing tools for long term, sustainable growth.

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Story Mapping

We will help you communicate with investors, customers, and others about you and your passions so you can tell your unique story and track your success.

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Our Team

Our team has over 12 years combined experience working with local businesses and the food industry in New Mexico. As consumers, business educators, and most of all as mothers, we have come to realize that we are at our best when we are working in our community to create the world we want for our family, friends, and children. Our experience in operations, communication, agriculture, production, as well as the development of commercial kitchens, restaurant management, and the local food system is unmatched in New Mexico.

Gina Riccobono, Celerah Hewes, Sarah Shaw

Our Executive Director, Celerah Hewes oversees the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization, as well as board development, fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. Gina Riccobono, our Procurement Director, connects farmers and local food producers to each other, as well as to opportunities in wholesale and retail sales. Our Communication Director, Sarah Shaw manages community relations and communication of organizational and program goals.

Together, we are committed to the idea that economic benefit is tied to social well being and we want to attract and focus on people who believe in a values-based economy. We believe the local food movement is at a juncture where it needs to evolve to do better for all of us.

Our Guiding Principles



Nurture people’s passions, stories, and dreams to help them realize their goals.


Help to build a bottom-up economy that encourages fair, just, and sustainable livelihoods.


Believe that small businesses are not on their own and there’s enough success for everyone.


Advocate for access to healthy and affordable food for all people.

Photo provided courtesy of Roadrunner Food Bank through Feeding America


Demonstrate a presence in communities where our work is driven by needs expressed by the community members to increase their social, environmental, and economic health.


Provide education and practical tools that can build business as a sustainable force for good.


Listen and engage in active and honest dialogue that can help us understand and bridge the divide between urban and rural communities.


Preserve our farmland through the development of wholesale markets that give rural producers their fair share.


Elevate the value and respect for professionals in the local food industry including, but not limited to: farmers, value-added producers, chefs, food business employees.


Trust that we are all at our best when we are creating and holding space for community collaboration, partnerships, and connections.


Model a work culture that honors and leverages our individual strengths to make us stronger.


Create the world we want by embodying and practicing our values today.

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Thoughtfully Produced creates sustainable livelihoods by expanding the production of locally and responsibly made foods, and nurturing collaborative connections within our community.

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Celerah Hewes – Executive Director
Gina Riccobono – Procurement Director
Sarah Shaw – Communications Director


(505) 916-1247


102 Gold Ave., SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102